Recipe: Yummy Grandma’s chicken and dumplings

Grandma’s chicken and dumplings. My Grandma, who lived in East Texas before she passed away, used to make this wonderful chicken n’ dumpling soup for us when we would visit on family vacations. My grandmother used to make the BEST chicken and dumplings…This recipe is very similar to how I remember her making them. Passed down from grandma, this chicken and dumpling recipe is made from scratch for ultimate comforting flavor.

Grandma's chicken and dumplings Pillowy soft homemade dumplings, rich and hearty chicken soup make up my Grandma’s Famous Chicken and Dumplings recipe! This soup was one of her creations. While we are all from above the Mason-Dixon line, she called this her Southern-Style Chicken Soup. You can cook Grandma’s chicken and dumplings using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Grandma’s chicken and dumplings

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    Yummy Grandma's chicken and dumplings

    Recipe: Yummy Grandma’s chicken and dumplings

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    1. You need 4 large of chicken breast.
    2. Prepare 1 can of cream of chicken soup.
    3. It’s 6 cup of water.
    4. It’s 4 can of biscuits.


    Learn how to prepare this easy Grandma’s Chicken and Dumplings recipe like a pro. I want to preserve Grandma’s original recipes in her cookbook but I use shortcuts most of the time. You may want to use some of these shortcuts like using Bisquick for the dumplings. GRAVY: Remove chicken, vegetables and dumplings from pot and place in a large serving bowl.

    Grandma’s chicken and dumplings instructions

    1. boil chicken then shred it..
    2. add all other ingredients and boil add the four cans of biscuits.

My Grandma loved to cook homemade chicken and dumplings for many reasons. I guess her main motivation was to satisfy the craving of her grandchildren. To this very day I can still remember Grandma hurrying around the kitchen, like she always did so frequently, taking all the necessary. Grandma’s dinners were always the best. While the chicken is cooking mix up the dumpling batter.

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